Tammy Taylor Cover it Up powder  NB!! 2,5 oz.

Tammy Taylor Cover it Up powder NB!! 2,5 oz.

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Brug dem til fx neglebidere, korte beskadigede negle, misfarvede finger- og tånegle, for at dække gamle opfyldningslinier
X-light pink
"I am so excited to introduce to you my "Brand New Full Coverage Corrective Powders"; Your Clients will be amazed and thrilled when you can turn their bitten, damaged, short, stained nails into Beautiful nails "that" only their Manicurist knows.
I have been teaching how to extend the nail-bed to create an illusion of a long slender beautiful nail (especially on Nail Biters and short damaged nail-beds) for over 28 years; and NOW with "Cover It Up", you will be able to completely cover the nail-bed and extend it, without seeing any nail or skin beneath the acrylic; giving a flawless appearance to the finished nail. Also, clients who love to wear Pink & White Nails but are prone to Fill-Lines; "No More Fill-Lines"!, which makes your job so much easier."
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